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Taking the middle road, or being able to see all points of view is considered an advantage.
However, instead of serving as the voice of reason it usually makes you the focal point for anger from both sides and adds to the difficulty of making decisions.


Keep track of the Mt St. Helens Volcano via the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Volcano Cam.

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  K8RI (Unique international radio call sign identifier, March  1978 to 2011)

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Photos of the Sun and Moon Aviation and Science Links Current interests and Hobbies

Weather for the Midwest &Aviation
The Climate and Global Warming

PROJECT Rebuilding the "Old Style AC" PST-61 rotator   Updated 03/03/2013 minor changes
Building a dirt base for a small tower. Updated 03/03/13
Building an Adapter Plate to fit a Yaesu Thrust Bearing to a ROHN 25G Accessory Shelf.

Project Tube Photos
HL-1.5Kfx Amp Photos

HT-33B Rebuild Photos
Henry 2002A Photos

My Ham History Last update 02/10/2013
Installing a Ground System
Heat Shrink tubing in connectors and splices

In Memory of John (WD8RXP) and his
Mid Michigan Skyhook

My Tower Project  Last update 05/08/2012
Getting the coax from the tower to the house and shop 

Making Connectors for 3/4 & 1/2 inch Aluminum Hard Line
Midland Amateur Radio Club

My AV-640 and Guests ( Or Bugs in the Antenna)

Gratiot County Wind Farm Photos

Visit The National Rifle Association
Join and help protect our 2 nd ammendment rights

Flowers Around Our Yard      
Bees and Blossoms - 136K and 113K JPGs
Friends of the Pere Marquette Rail Trail

Mid-Michigan's Bicycle Club, the  Tri-City Cyclists
The Saginaw News

Experimental Aircraft Association Home Page 
In Memory of Jack Yoder
 Jack with his Cuda & GP-4 "Cotton Candy"

The League of Michigan Bicyclists
Check out their Michigan Bicycle Tours.

A listing of My Pages

Scanning slides (A Tutorial)

My Glasair III Diary(Frames)

Glasair III Kit SOLD

  Aircraft Photos  
Pictures of and from N833R 
A Frosty Morning in the Hangar
A fall color tour in 33Romeo
Silent Sentry
An Orion P3 at Sunset
The ME262
A Plane Before it's Time
Antique Attitude indicators A Smoki'n Pair of F-104s
Beauty in Motion
Two 1024 X 768 Images
A T-6
and a bit of nostalgia
 The One-of-A-Kind Myers OTW
Takes flight after restoration
A Salute From a Survivor
A B25 at Sunset

Photos of theEAA's Ford Tri-motor Visit to Midland MI
198 Photos: Links to 168 larger versions

Aviation Stories
First Flights
Not All Airplanes are Created Equal
(Nor are their pilots)

What Goes Around

Misc. Amateur Radio Related Links

In memory of a cat who thought he was a people

  Smoky The Cat  
Smoky and his buddy, Cassie at play
Smoky and the Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Cat
Our new cat
More Streak!
Streak, The Laughing Cat
And...Still more Streak.

Streak Looking for Lunch

Roughing it is traveling in a Motor Home without Satellite TV

More Assorted Links


Aviation Links 


Science Links 


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Assorted Weather Links

Aviation Weather Charts

Surface Data
Great Lakes
Latest Satellite
Super Cooled Water &
Possible Icing Conditions
National Weather Service
Home Page
Real Time
Weather Data
Aviation Digital Data Service
 Midland Barstow Airport
AWOS KIKW Conditions

Current Conditions and Links for the Weather Underground

Note the links are located under the weather icons as some browsers see them as pop-ups which disables the image alt tag.

Click for Midland, Michigan Forecast
Midland MI

Click for Traverse City, Michigan Forecast
Traverse City, MI
                     Click for Oshkosh, Wisconsin Forecast
Oshkosh WI

Limited Current Conditions & 5 Day International Forecasts
Aukland, New Zealand Christchurch, New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand Queenstown, New Zealand

Orford Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania

Scottsdale Tasmania

Launceson Tasmania

Sheffield Tasmania

Strahan Tasmania

Current Conditions & 5 Day Forecasts by The Weather Channel
Columbia SC Flagstaff Az. Greensboro NC. Knoxville TN. Myrtle Beach SC.
Midland Mi.
Houghton Lake Mi
Traverse City Mi.
Green Bay Wi 
Pueblo CO.

Grand Rapids
Green Bay
Chicago O'Hare


US Forecast (Intellicast)
Forecast Chart

US Radar Summary
With Watches and Warnings 
Great Lakes
Latest Satellite

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Current interests & Hobbies: :

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  • What is the EAA?
  • It'd take a paper to list all the attirbutes of the EAA, but
    The Experimental Aircraft Association, simply known as the EAA, is a world recognized organization of aircraft designers, builders, test pilots, people who love to fly, and those who are just plain interested in aviation.
  • For one week every year The EAA holds the World's largest fly-in at Oshkosh Wisconsin. Although officially renamed AirVenture, to those of us who regularly make the trip it will always be referred to as Oshkosh! For that one week Whitman Field at Oshkosh becomes the busiest airport in the world. For the week of AirVenture, Whitman Field has more movements per day than Chicago's O'Hare Airport and they do it with just two active runways and during daylight hours only.  It's not unusual to see as many as 25 airplanes in the pattern at one time. 
  • You will find aircraft from all over the world including the latest military offerings as well as the seeds of future aircraft for decades to come.

     There may be as many as 12,000 aircraft attending the fly-in with both civilian and military aircraft represented from around the world.

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    Personal Information

    Who am I?

    What do I do for Work?

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
    "They're wrong"! It's "lack of ambition (or money)", not necessity, thatis the mother of invention!
    The American Dream exists ONLY in the heart and mind and can be achieved only with Ambition and Imagination!

    Questions and Observations!
    How many people do you know that will spend fifteen dollars, to drive twenty miles, to save two dollars on a five dollar item?

    People will spend thousands to save hundreds? Governments will spend Billions to save Millions!  OK, now I have to update this because they spend Billion to save millions.  Don't blame them -- They're us!

    Of course you could get out and vote, take back the government, get rid of the progressives on both sides of the aisle,   Remember that subsidies are more habbit forming than smoking because once you take them you become dependent on them.

    All these mottoes and observations and I don't even have a bumper sticker!

    A Listing of My Pages
    Our Christmas Cat (Rhyme)
    First Flights (Story)
    My Glasair III Diary (Story/Builders Diary)
    Science Links
    Pictures of and From 833R (Pictures of the oldest production Beech Debonair -- Built in 1959)
    Who Am I ( Short Autobiography)
    What Do I Do? ( Very short description )

    If you have comments or suggestions on Content or spelling, (Proof readers welcome!) email me at Roger Halstead
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