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Links to Amateur Radio Information and Suppliers

These are some of the sites I use for information, parts, and equipment.  This list is far from being complete and will most likely be in a constant state of change.   
This list should not be considered an endorsement of any kind for any site listed

Alpha Power Purchased by RFConcepts Force 12 Antennas QRZ.com
AlfaSpid Rotators Also distributed in the US by MFJ Gigaparts QRO Technologies
Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) QRO Parts
American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Henry Radio RF Concepts/Alpha Power
Ameritron Hy-Gain The RF Connection
Array Solutions Icom RF Parts
Command Technologies purchased by Palstar K9YC's RFI Tutorial (pdf) K9YC's home Page Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Davis RF Kenwood Texas Towers
Dr Alex *Stuff for Sale* Lunar-Link Systems Tennadyne Antennas
DX Engineering

M^2 Ham Antenna Systems

The Wireman

MFJ Enterprises

 Emtron Amps (Website is being updated) Nice Amps






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