Photos of the Rebuild of my Hallicrafters HT-33B Amp.

Photos are 1024 X 768 pixels JPGs (about 225K each) for full screen images on monitors of that vintage. The originals are a bit over twice that size and available if need be.
Even the lint shows up as white spots

Front panel


Top View

Top  View


Direct overhead (It's clean, but not quite as clean as the lighting makes it look)


Rectifier, Meters, Interlock, and bleeder Resistors


Side View

Right Side View. Note scratch at left rear corner about 2" below top.  Apparently, some time in the past it had been dropped which is common with these old amps. People pick them up by the side of the cabinet and when the amps slips a bit they are hanging onto the top which of course comes open. Weighing in at 113# that is more weight swinging free than most hams can handle with the result it gets dropped on to the back right corner which is the heaviest.  This involved removing the complete PS, straightening the PS frame which is made of 1/8" Aluminum and remounting the parts.

Just another view of the right side. Please note the transformers are straight and square with the frame.

The cabinet has been completely refinished and the photos will be up shortly.



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