April 6, 2001

Film: Kodacolor ASA 100, Camera: Nikon F4S, Lens Meade 10" /focal reducer f 6.4,
Solar Filter: double layer of Aluminized Mylar
Exposure: 1/250 sec.


film Ektachrome, speed unknown (either 100 or 400).
Camera: Nikon F4S, Lens Meade 10", 2500 mm @ F-10
Image has not been retouched.

As a Comparrison the following image is from a Nikon D-70

Approximately Midnight EDT (0400Z) May 29, 2004 Nikon D-70 
Lens as above, but with f 6.4 focal reducer (1600 mm). Exposure 1/400 sec.
Unsharp mask applied as well as brightness and contrast manipulation. No color correction was used.


Below is a 5 minute "piggyback" exposure using the Nikon 12-24 DX lens at f 8.
There are some "Tracking" errors which cause the stars to be a bit elongated from top to bottom. (N to S)
The blue cast on the lower right is from the moon shown above, while the slight orange cast on the lower left is from
four "unshielded" out door lights over a quarter mile away. Note the absence of noise.

Getting set up for a nights viewing with the necessary accessories including a comfortable chair.
The photo should give some idea as to the telescope size.  Just the telescope is listed at 83#
FYI: This photo was shot about 20 years and 40# ago.

Photos by Roger Halstead
Copyright 2001-2004

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