The World's oldest Debonair  

and a

 Fall Color Tour

 Photos Copyright, Roger Halstead 2010

Much of the lower Peninsula of Michigan is like this. Flat land Farming Country with lakes and streams. The lake shown is Wixom Lake, just North of Sanford Lake.
The photo plane was a Cessna 172, cameras were a Nikon F4S and a Nikon 8008 using Nikon, medium telephoto lenses of 200 - 300mm
Images are scans from a Nilon LS5000ED with the SF210 auto slide feeder

The "Deb" has passed its 50th birthday, and except for modifications looks much like it did when it was the first of its kind to come off the assembly line. Thirty Three Romeo was assigned its airworthiness certificate on September 11th 1959 according to the date on the certificate and underwent over 30 hours  of flight testing for the airworthiness certificate..

Taking the Deb on a Fall color tour.

The countryside is a mix of woods and farm land

Fall Patterns in the Fields

Headed up the East branch of Wixom Lake toward Secord, MI.

It must have been chilly down on that boat.

"Following the Wake"

Sunset off the Debonair

Following a road Eastbound a couple miles West of Edenville, MI

Over a subdivision just West of the lake


And we pull a few "G's" as we turn back toward home.

This gives a better perspective of our actual altitude. The foreshortening by the telephoto lenses in the other shots makes us look a lot lower than we were.

The says you are caller